BWMY-Peach Blossom
Price RM155.00
Brand Mak Yang Instant Baby Wrap
Size (L x W x H) 24 cm x 15 cm x 8 cm
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1. What is the wrap material?
The wrap is made of jersey knit, interlock material, from cotton-polyester blend. We ensure only high-grade jersey knit is used. For the sash panel, it is made from cotton.
2. Is the wrap stretchable? 
Yes, it is.

3. Is the material thick/hot?
It is intermediate, neither thick nor too thin.

4. Can the wrap be machine-washed?
Yes, please use delicate-wash mode.

5. What is the minimum/maximum weight of baby to be carried?
3-12 kg. The wrap is not suitable for premature babies less than 3kg.

6. How much is the wrap?
It is RM155 for Malaysia.
Other countries will rely on current currency rate.

7. Does it come with sizes?
Yes it does. It is an instant wrap, sewn according to wearer’s (not baby’s) size.

Sizing chart (please consider your height too)
XS 40-45kg
S 45-50kg
M 50-60kg
L 60-70kg
XL 70-80kg
XXL 80-90kg

For height above 158cm, we advise one size smaller.
Please note that this is a general sizing guideline. Accurate size still depends on wearer’s body frame.
For weight above 90kg, we provide custom made orders.

8. Will the size be affected by baby’s growth?
Not really. The wrap is stretchable, thus it supports baby’s growth and is able to expand accordingly.

9. How do I wear it?
Please refer to this tutorial video: http://bit.ly/2grvEnc

10. Is the material safe?
A material of Baby wrap by Mak Yang have been tested and analysed by SIRIM QAS International SdnBhd for chemical and physical properties according to manufacturer’s specification (Test Report 2015CE1165 dated 7 September 2015).

11. Can we handsfree/breastfeed while using the wrap.
Yes, with the right technique.

Please check your wrap for 'wear & tear' before use. We are not responsible for incidence that results from customer’s negligence in checking the wrap condition before use or incorrect babywearing practice.

This is an instant baby wrap with a unique sash design.
No 'lilit' required, just put on as tutorial video.

Wrap was sewn according to wearer's size.
Our wrap is suitable for baby from 3kg up to 12kg.
It is not suitable for premature baby less than 3kg.

General sizing guideline (please consider your height too)

XS for 40-45kg mommies
S for 46-50kg mommies
M for 50-60kg mommies
L for 60-70kg mommies
XL for 70-80kg mommies
XXL for 80-90kg mommies

(for height more than 158cm, take one size smaller)

Refer to link below for a tips on how to breastfeed in baby wrap :-

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